To begin with, we want to thank all our guests for your patronage and support over the years! Triangle C Ranch continues to be a family owned business; as a result, we have seen, experienced and overcome many challenges.

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented us with a unique challenge; however, this situation will eventually pass. The health, safety and satisfaction of our deeply valued guests and staff will always be our primary concern and we will continue to commit to this daily. We are currently evaluating and adjusting where necessary to prepare and be ready for these uncertain times.

The Triangle C Ranch is a seasonal operation residing just over 7500 ft in elevation. It is not currently open during the winter months and we are still receiving a few inches of snow every night. This will be a great benefit and we want to inform our staff and guests that the ranch will be in a pristine and pure state come “start” time. With the approach of spring the long days of sunshine, we believe that nature and the outdoors have great healing and cleansing properties.

We are in close contact with our Department of Health and we are reviewing CDC guidelines daily. We are taking extreme protocols and procedures for maintaining safe conditions for both our guests and staff. Based on these factors, we are optimistically looking forward to another successful season.

As our country’s leaders continue to evaluate and adjust to the current situation; Triangle C Ranch will also evaluate and adjust as the situation unfolds. We remain committed to our guests and will do our utmost to: Keep you updated “to the minute” as the COVID-19 situation unfolds. We will work with you and prospective guests during this season to ensure you have the, “best western vacation of a lifetime”.

            Happy Trails until we meet Again!